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Strategy Synchronization

Danaka Corporation: Growth Portfolio Management
Mark Jeffery and Robert A. Cooper, 2007, Case #: 5-306-511
A major barrier for growth of large multi business unit firms is the inability to resource –dollars and people – the critical initiatives to win. Danaka has strong growth markets as well as market that are commoditizing. The case incorporates an interactive spreadsheet model where one can dynamically change the various allocations of resources and see the impact on future top line growth.

DuPont Tyvek® -- Commercializing a Disruptive Innovation
Mark Jeffery, Robert A. Cooper and Scott Buchanan 2007
What happens when a company is faced with a unique market challenge with the potential to change the way business is done - a true market disruption? This was the challenge faced by the European business team of DuPont’s Tyvek Housewrap business.

MDCM, Inc. (A): IT Strategy Synchronization
By Mark Jeffery; Derek Yung; Joseph Norton, 2006 , Case #: 5-404-770(A)
MDCM, Inc. (A): IT Strategy Synchronization examines the issues of formulating an IT strategy and a set of IT objectives aligned with corporate strategy.

MDCM, Inc. (B): Strategic IT Portfolio Management
By Mark Jeffery; Derek Yung; Joseph Norton, 2006 , Case #: 5-404-770(B)
The MDCM, Inc. (B): Strategic IT Portfolio Management case examines the steps involved in developing a portfolio of IT projects aligned with a company’s strategic objectives.

ProSight: New Millennium Financial Technology Portfolio Management
By Mark Jeffery; Chuck Olsen; Robin Barnes, 2006 , Case #: 5-404-771
Mergers and acquisitions (M&A) are often very complex management endeavors. The case analyzes the IT component of M&A for two financial institutions. The case is an action learning exercise with students using ProSight Portfolios, a leading web based portfolio tool, to analyze the portfolio and make the management decision.

Quantifying business value and return on investment

B&K Distributors: Calculating Return on Investment for a Web-Based Customer Portal
By Mark Jeffery; Tim Riitters; James Anfield, 2006 , Case #: 5-404-764 (KEL149)
The purpose of the case is to teach ROI analysis best practices for technology project investments. As part of the case questions, students must decide if B&K Distributors should implement a Web-based customer portal with an integrated marketing campaign.

ROI for a Customer Relationship Management Initiative at GST
By Mark Jeffery; Robert J. Sweeney; Robert J. Davis, 2006 , Case #: 5-404-766
In this Return on Investment (ROI) for Customer Relationship Management (CRM) case scenario students must calculate the ROI for analytic CRM enabled by an enterprise data warehouse (EDW).

Teradata Data Mart Consolidation Return on Investment at GST
By Mark Jeffery; Robert J. Sweeney; Robert J. Davis, 2006 , Case #: 5-404-774
The case Teradata Data Mart Consolidation Return on Investment at GST is based on a real life consulting engagement with a major Fortune 100 telecommunications company. Students are tasked with calculating the ROI for a data mart consolidation into an EDW.

San Diego City Schools: Enterprise Resource Planning Return on Investment
By Mark Jeffery; Scott Abbott; Nancy Kulick; Douglas Papp; Tim Riitters; Tiffany Schad; Jed Wallace; Jeff Weimann, 2006 , Case #: 5-404-772
This case focuses on the challenge of quantifying the return on investment (ROI) of a large technology project, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), in the nonprofit environment of the San Diego City Schools.

Marketing @ Microsoft: The Value of Customer Perception
By Mark Jeffery; Ichiro Aoyagi; Ed Kallett, 2006 , Case #: 5-106-004
The case centers upon the Microsoft Security Guidance marketing campaign, a Microsoft marketing campaign designed to change perception of IT professionals toward the security of Microsoft’s software products.

Sony-FIFA Partnership Marketing Program: The Value of Sponsorship
By Mark Jeffery; Saurabh Mishra, 2006 , Case #: 5-206-250
On April 6, 2005, Sony Corporation announced the signing of a global partnership program contract with the Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) and the organizer of the FIFA World Cup. The challenge: quantify the value of the $450 million sponsorship marketing.

DuPont-NASCAR Marketing: The Value of Sports Sponsorship
By: Mark Jeffery and Justin Williams. 2007.
In 1991 DuPont agreed to sponsor a rookie NASCAR driver in return for the exclusive paint business of Jim Hendrick’s auto repair chain. The driver was Jeff Gordon and in 2007 the five time Nextel Cup winner’s contract is up for renewal. The big question: what is the ROI of the $100 million DuPont investment?

Real Options and Risk Management

The Value of Flexibility at Global Airlines: Real Options for EDW and CRM
By Mark Jeffery; Robert J. Sweeney; Chris Rzymsk; Sandeep Shah, 2004 , Case #: 5-404-768
Technology projects are inherently risky; research shows that large IT projects succeed as planned only 28 percent of the time. Building flexibility, or real options, into a project can help manage this risk.


Outsourcing at Office Supply
Mark Jeffery and James Anfield, 2007. New Case Submission
IT outsourcing has become a hot topic in the last few years yet few academic management case studies address the important strategic, financial and management issues of IT outsourcing. The case focuses on the outsourcing management decision from the perspective of both the client and the outsourcing provider. Spreadsheet templates are given, which are based upon actual outsourcing pricing models.

Supply Chain Outsourcing at DB Toys
By Mark Jeffery; David Bibbs; Michael Dowhan; Daniel Grace; Lisa Jackson; Woody Maynard; Derek Yung; Steven Johnson, 2006 , Case #: 5-404-767
The case is based upon a real supply chain outsourcing management decision at a major manufacturing company. The company has been disguised for confidentiality reasons. The case discusses different types of outsourcing, supply chain management, the benefit and pitfalls.

Project and Program Management

Ariba Implementation at MED-X: Managing Earned Value
By Mark Jeffery; Alex Gershbeyn; Derek Yung; Joseph Norton, 2006 , Case #: 5-404-763
The Ariba Implementation at MED-X case is designed to teach students how to analyze a program that is experiences problems and recommend solutions. Specifically, the case introduces students to Earned Value Analysis and program oversight for an e-procurement project.

Clothes ‘R’ Us Point-of-Sale Initiative: Managing IT Programs
By Mark Jeffery; Joseph Norton; Derek Yung; Alex Gershbeyn, 2006 , Case #: 5-404-765
The case concerns a real $25 million program consisting of nine concurrent projects to deliver and implement a custom built in-store Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system and a new point-of-sale system in 400 stores of a national retail chain.

A&D High Tech (A): Managing Projects for Success
By Mark Jeffery; Derek Yung; Alex Gershbeyn, 2006 , Case #: 5-404-763(A)
The case is based upon a real $25 million project at a major U.S.-based computer manufacturer. The A&D High Tech case examines how to create and analyze a project plan in Microsoft project. Ultimately, students must answer the management question: Will the project be completed for the holiday shopping season?

A&D High Tech (B): Managing Scope Change
By Mark Jeffery; Derek Yung; Alex Gershbeyn, 2006 , Case #: 5-404-763(B)
The A&D High Tech case A examines how to create and analyze a project plan in Microsoft project. Case B gives actual work done on each task three months into the project. Students must answer the management questions: Can the project be fixed and completed in time for the holiday season? Can the additional requirements be incorporated, and if so what is the best approach?

Lease vs. Buy

AMG Inc. & Forsythe Solutions: Lease vs. Buy Decisions
By Mark Jeffery; H. Nevin Ekici; Cassidy Shield; Michael Conley, 2006 , Case #: 5-404-762
The AMG Inc and Forsythe Solutions case examines the lease versus buy decision for investments in technology. The case addresses pivotal investment decision issues such as varying the length of the lease, the useful life of the equipment, and alignment with strategy.

Shilling & Smith Acquisition of Xteria Inc.: Data Center Technology Leasing
By Mark Jeffery; Cassidy Shield; H. Nevin Ekici; Michael Conley, 2006 , Case #: 5-404-773
The case centers on Shilling & Smith’s acquisition of Xteria, Inc. and the resulting need to quickly scale their IT infrastructure to accommodate the acquisition.

General Management

IT Challenges at Great Plains Bank & Trust
Mark Jeffery and Scott Abbott, 2004.
The case emphasizes the pitfalls of business executives ‘outsourcing’ the technology vision to the CIO, looks at factors that could have given advanced warning of an emerging problem, and discusses the importance of an ongoing dialogue between business executives and IT.