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Robert Komorous-King is the Lead Designer at Agile Insights LLC, a technology, marketing and design consultancy.   His projects span the breadth of mobile, web, and industrial design, such as iPhone and iPad apps for children, interactive marketing tools for technology corporations, and design of demonstration media for industrial tools and automotive hardware.

Rob was responsible for the design and build of Agile Insight's first major app, "Learn from the Leaders", created for the data warehousing corporation Teradata.  This interactive app delivers dynamic marketing messaging with custom animations fortified with advice from over a dozen industry leaders.  Rob also frequently contributes to the IDEO ToyLab; e.g., providing character and animation design for the development of mobile media games.  One of his contributions was in Balloonimals, IDEO ToyLab's first children's app; this app has retained a top position in the app store since its release in 2009.  At Illinois Tool Works- Global Product Development Center, Rob built digital and physical demonstrations explaining next generation technology in automotive and industrial hardware.  These demos were displayed annually at the Specialty Equipment Market Association Show, the largest automotive convention in the world.

Rob holds a BFA in Industrial Design from the University of Illinois at Urbana- Champaign.